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croque madame.JPG A Morning to Indulge
Recipe: Croque Madame with Béchamel Sauce

A Morning to Indulge
Recipe: Croque Madame with Béchamel Sauce

posted on February 10, 2015

It seems fitting that I start at the beginning, which to me means a nice hot cuppa and breakfast. Of course, morning priorities dictate getting an exuberant little man to eat breakfast while I pack his lunch, doublecheck his attire for weather appropriateness (no, Jack, you can NOT wear your glow-in-the-dark pajamas to school this morning, even though they’re the “awesomest”!), and inspect his backpack for contraband. Yep, actual contraband, as in, just for example…a dead beetle in a jelly jar. But more about that later: back to breakfast.

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