Thanksgiving cookie order deadline is Wednesday, November 13th, at midnight.

Christmas cookie order deadline is Sunday, December 1st at midnight.

PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS COOKIES TOGETHER ON AN ORDER. They must ship separately, and we must charge shipping for each order. You will need to order Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies on two separate orders.

Old-Fashioned Favorites (pfeffernusse, gingerbread tiles) will only be available for Christmas orders. We do not make them for Thanksgiving, but they will be on the site so you can order them for Christmas. Please DO NOT put them on your Thanksgiving order.

NEW THIS YEAR: we will be offering gingersnaps during the Thanksgiving season, so those can be placed on Thanksgiving orders.

Don't forget the gift messages! If you send the cookies to a loved one, they will not know who they're from unless you type a gift message into that area of the order form.

ALL CHRISTMAS COOKIE ORDERS WILL SHIP BEGINNING DEC. 1 to arrive in time for Christmas. If you place your order early, that does NOT mean you will get it early UNLESS you tell us a "specific ship date". If you need your order by a certain date, please list that date under the "special instructions" part of the order form. If no specific ship date is requested, we will guarantee Christmas delivery.

We do apologize, but we have no way of looking up your order to see when it will ship. Unless you request a specific ship date, we can only say that it will ship between Dec. 1 and Christmas.

AND LASTLY: We would like to sincerely thank you for your order, whether you are a first-time customer or someone who has been with us for 20 years. We truly love what we do, and we love to make people happy with our cookies. We wish you and yours the very warmest and most joyful of holiday seasons.


Heart with rose and birds

3.1"x3.1"; a very PA German motif ash/paper pulp

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Small PA German Heart

2"x2.25"; The pretzel of Strasbourg, forget-me-nots in a heart (remember love), and the tri-petaled tulip, representing the Holy Trinity. ash/paper pulp

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Large PA German Heart

4.25"x4.3"; This beautiful floral heart is full of symbolism: pomegranates for fruitfulness and abundance, heart for love, a depiction of a distelfink, the two tulips standing for the Holy Trinity, and an angel at the top. Lovely ash/paper pulp

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Heart with forget-me-not and rose

2.2"; the flowers on this mold symbolize "remember love" ash/paper pulp

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Heart with lily-of-valley

2"x2"; the flower motif and heart shape of this mold symbolizes "true love" ash/paper pulp

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